For me painting is both a creative exploration and a sensuous process. The thought of infinity as part of our lives has been the inspiration for my work. Creating these microscopic worlds of cellular growths, auras, cosmos, places unseen and only imagined informs my work. The square format allows for a field of pattern that continues equally in all directions.

The process begins with preparing the paper or canvas with a ground and then applying metallic leaf to the surface. Next the leaf is sealed and I begin to transform the surface with sheer layers of glazed color. Numerous layers are later applied to the surface in an additive and subtractive process, either with a brush, rag or scraper. The organic forms are created in the moment as the paint reacts to the process. This layering process also adds another dimension of depth to the paintings.

Focusing on the concept of an infinite space and attempting its expression allows me to escape from the madness of the real world. I invite you, the viewers, to enter these places and travel within the layers of color and pattern, imagining an ever growing and expanding life form with endless possibilities.